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Calm yourself down with the new game by the Old Man's Journey team

Eloh Eloh.

Wound up? Of course you are! But don't worry because here's a game which might calm you down. It's a phone game called Eloh and it's made by the same people responsible for Old Man's Journey, that lovely platform game about aging and facing regrets.

Eloh is designed with relaxation in mind. It's a gentle puzzle game clad in music. The idea is you move blocks to bounce balls around a puzzle. The blocks make music when hit, and their sleepy little faces sing. It's as though the whole puzzle springs to life when the magical, musical ball bounces around.

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I've blasted through around 30 levels and Eloh makes for pleasingly soft company. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, no interruptions. It's £3 and that's it.

It's not quite as trance-inducing as I expected - I thought steady rhythms and sleepy puzzles would hypnotise me - but it's colourful, characterful and cheery. It's definitely more relaxing than Twitter.

You can find Eloh on Google Play or the App Store now.

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