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Calligraphy-themed fighter Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise for XBLA

Ink to the past.

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Arty beat-'em-up Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise launches on Xbox Live Arcade early this year, publisher 7sixty has announced.

It mixes "over-the-top martial arts movies" and distinctive paintbrushed looks, meant to be reminiscent of ancient Chinese calligraphy.

Kung Fu Strike is the first project from Chinese indie developer Qooc Soft. It won Microsoft's annual Dream Build Play competition in 2009 when showing off the game, then named HurricaneX.

Local two-player co-op and versus modes will be included, but there's no mention of any online offering.

There's also a story mode, which follows the personal troubles of a character named General Loh, whose adventures are daubed over the blood-spattered backdrop of a warring China.

"7sixty and developer Qooc Soft are pleased to announce that: man with lightning quick fists lands lightly as lotus blossom on mystical heavens market, ready to demonstrate his willingness for vengeful combat," a press release reads.

"Or, if you're one of few not versed in ancient Chinese proverbs: 7sixty and Qooc Soft are pleased to announce that Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise is heading to Xbox Live Arcade."

The game's debut teaser lies below.

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