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Call of Duty: Warzone just had another ban wave - and more are coming

Closing the circle.

Call of Duty: Warzone just had another ban wave - with the promise of more to come.

Last week Activision banned 60,000 accounts for cheating in Warzone amid an ongoing furore over hacking.

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Yesterday, developer Raven said it had issued another ban wave across the battle royale behemoth, with "more to come".

"Stepping up anti-cheat efforts on all fronts," Raven tweeted.

It looks like Activision is making a renewed effort to publicise its Warzone anti-cheat effort after a high-profile YouTuber's announcement he had quit the game over hacking hit mainstream headlines.

In early February, the BBC reported on YouTuber Vikkstar's decision to quit Activision's free-to-play battle royale after he released a video saying Warzone was in "the worst state it has ever been".

That report was quickly followed by a blog post in which Activision outlined the measures it had taken to tackle cheating, saying it had issued more than 300,000 permabans worldwide to accounts since Warzone launched in March 2020.

Warzone's anti-cheat has come under intense scrutiny from players for some time now, with the issue exacerbated by radio silence from its publisher and developer. Some console players disable crossplay in a bid to avoid PC hackers.

In last week's blog post, Activision said it was "increasing our efforts and capabilities" in a number of key areas, including its internal anti-cheat software, and promised regular communication updates on progress, with more of a two-way dialogue between Warzone developer Raven Software and players.

Since then, there has certainly been more communication from Raven on Twitter. Players are hoping this is the start of a cleaner Warzone.

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