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C4 Wheelchair Rugby 'Murderball' game

Surprisingly brutal.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

The Channel 4 Paralympic Games website has launched a Wheelchair Rugby browser game with the eye-catching nickname of Murderball.

It's a bit like Speedball. You pick a four-person wheelchair rugby team and try to wheel the ball over the goal line. You can crash into and upend opponents, flinging them from their wheelchairs. Blood spatters on the ground to mark a particularly brutal collision.

A drum 'n bass track thumps in the background.

Controls are mapped to the WASD keys, and you can throw high, pass and tackle. Full instructions can be found on the Wheelchair Rugby game's website.

Channel 4, BT and Sainsbury's are all involved with the project. The game is built by Ben Olding Games, which appears to be a one-man Flash game operation.

The London 2012 Paralympic Games take place after the Olympic Games. The Paralympic Games begin 29th August 2012, and close 9th September 2012. The Olympic Games begin 27th July 2012, and close 12th August 2012.

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