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Buzz! Hollywood announced

Think you know your stuff?

Sony has won the star prize this afternoon by announcing a new PS2 Buzz game for October.

Dubbed 'The Hollywood Quiz', it will fire over 5000 questions at your face about all sorts of goings on in the film industry. There's loads of gossip straight out of Heat and OK magazines, and more than 100 clips, stills, and sound bites to analyse.

This time round you'll pick from more contestants than ever before, and enjoy improved round types so your friends can't blame their bad brains on the game. Like my flatmate Chris.

If you really haven't played Buzz! before, then you should. Yes, it's a quiz game, but it really is ruddy good fun. It's created by Relentless Software and has its own controller with a big red button you use to buzz in with - four smaller buttons cascade down below to help you choose your answers.

Four controllers plug into one USB slot, so you can even plug-in two sets and find seven friends to play with.

Charismatic cheese-ball Buzz hosts the quiz, with help from his scrumptious assistant Rose, and their comedy quips have inspired all manner of drinking games around the Internet.

Buzz! The Mega Quiz came out earlier this year and earned itself a firm place in our hearts. Rob Fahey very nearly gave it top marks, and you can read his review to find out why.

Meanwhile you can pop into our Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz gallery for the first screenshots. Or see if you can answer our film-based question below:

Who said, "Looks like there's a new shepherd in town, you really licked his ass"?