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Bungie says Destiny 2's most overpowered Curse of Osiris weapon is bugged

Prometheus Lens flares up.

If you're playing Destiny 2 expansion Curse of Osiris, you've probably run up against the Prometheus Lens, one of the game's new exotic weapons.

The Prometheus Lens, Destiny 2's most overpowered gun.

The Prometheus Lens is a trace rifle, which means it fires a laser. So what, you might wonder? The thing about Prometheus Lens is its laser kills enemy players in just a couple of seconds. Couple this with great range and stability, and you've got just about the most devastating weapon in the game right now.

The Crucible, Destiny's competitive multiplayer mode, is currently overrun with players using Prometheus Lens. PvP looks a bit like this right now:

Angry players took to the Destiny subreddit to wonder how such a powerful weapon made it into Curse of Osiris. It turns out the weapon launched with a bug, Bungie said.

The developer said it'll address the Prometheus Lens and talk solutions in an upcoming blog post. Players are wondering whether this means this weekend's Trials event - Destiny 2's ultra hardcore PvP mode - will be cancelled.

This isn't the first time Destiny PvP has suffered from a game-breaking weapon. Back in 2014, exotic fusion rifle Vex Mythoclast was singled out as ripping the Crucible to shreds, before Bungie nerfed it.

For now, Crucible is a cacophony of Prometheus Lens laser fire. Enjoy!

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