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Bullet Witch DLC revealed

Atari plays dress up.

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Xbox 360 shooter Bullet Witch has been beefed up today with the arrival of some downloadable content, Atari has announced. Perfect for those, like myself, who enjoy a bit of dressing up in their spare time.

The first of these will be a White Witch outfit for the slinky protagonist Alicia, with Atari planning to deliver Mummy, Schoogirl, Secretary and Pixie offerings at a later date.

Also fresh from the cauldron are some new missions, which will cost 20 Microsoft points each. 'Dynamite Beauty' is available now, as are two new versions of the 'Clad in Streaming' scenario, one with unlocked "Great Spells" and the other with a tougher difficulty setting.

Over the coming weeks, Atari will release other new missions, including 'Caterpillar City', 'Endless', 'One Shot Kill', 'Geist Search and Destroy', as well as enhanced editions of 'City of Screams', 'Up in Flames at 10,000ft', 'Down in the Valley', 'The Bound Soul' and 'The End of Chaos'. AIn addition, there the obligatory theme pack if you like that sort of thing.

Developed by Japanese studio Cavia, Bullet Witch is a third-person action game that rests mankind's survival on the shoulders of Alicia, a beautiful lass with magical powers and a quick trigger finger. You get to use all sorts of spells and weapons as you battle it out on a bleak planet in 2013, desperately trying to halt the decimation of our species.

We found it to be decent romp that added some badly needed freak-chic to the 360's macho action line-up. Head over to our Bullet Witch review to find out more.

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