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Bruno Bonnell leaves Atari

No longer presents.

Atari has announced the appointment of a new CEO following the departure of Bruno Bonnell, who founded parent company Infogrames more than two decades ago, reports.

The role will now be held by Patrick Leleu, who has previously held the title of CEO at Bouygues Telecome. He was also CEO at cable network operator Noos from 2001 - 2005, and became a director at Infogrames at the start of this year.

The move comes just days after Infogrames completed its global debt restructuring plan, and according to a statement is designed to "launch new dynamics of change for the group".

"It is with understandable emotions, but also reassured about its future, that I leave Infogrames after 24 years spent to build this group with the support of all its teams," Bonnell commented.

"Together, we have been able to show its strength and capacity to innovate, even in the worst situations. Time for business developers has logically come, after the entrepreneurial period. It’s now time for Infogrames to conquer and progress on a market as promising as interactive entertainment business."

Leleu added: "I am convinced that Infogrames holds the assets, talents and teams to get back into the industrial competition and recover its dynamics of growth."

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