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Bruckheimer game studio staffing up

TV and games "are melding".

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Jerry Bruckheimer is finally getting his MTV-partnered and long-mooted videogame company off the ground, although there's still no word on what it will make or when.

Jerry Bruckheimer Games Studio at least has some staff though, with Variety reporting that Jim Veevaert, who executive-produced Halo 3 at Microsoft, and former Ubisoft man Jay Cohen have become heads of production and development respectively.

Bruckheimer said they were "two of the most knowledgeable, brightest and creative talents in this industry", and that's just as well, because Variety also reports that Bruckheimer wants to make original games rather than adapting the films and TV shows he's behind (CSI, Bad Boys, etc.).

"We can add our expertise from what we've learned making films and TV shows to the videogame world. The two mediums are melding," he's quoted as saying.

The man no-one calls Brucky is currently producing a film based on Prince of Persia, starring Donnie Darko on steroids, which is due out next summer.

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