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Broforce is what The Expendables game should have been

Think Contra with destructible environments on steroids. Demo available now.

Broforce is an instantly addictive throwback to retro gaming that mixes the run-and-gun antics of Contra with the destructible environments of Spelunky and throws in some crude satire for good measure.

Developed by South African studio Free Lives, Broforce originated as a Ludum Dare entry called Rambros. The idea is that you storm through a series of enemy fortresses laying siege to any and all soldiers that stand in your way.

What makes Broforce unique is that almost all the environments are destructible. Cruise around with a machine gun and watch the enemies' fortifications rapidly crumble before you. It's a bit like Terraria without all the building. Because when's the last time you saw Schwarzenegger build anything rather than blow s*** up? I thought so.

Every stage has hidden POWs that grant extra lives, while the end of each stage is marked by a literal foreign devil that must be eliminated before you plant an American flag and ride off in a helicopter while everything behind you explodes.

Each time you die you respawn as a new parody of an 80s or 90s action hero like John McClane, Mr. T, John Matrix, Blade, and Chuck Norris. And yes, I realise Chuck Norris is an actor not a character, but he somehow seems no less fictional to me.

The prototype only supports local co-op, but the final version will support online multiplayer. It will also feature improved graphics, dinosaurs, aliens, vehicular sequences, deathmatch and a level editor.

Free Lives is currently gunning for your support on Steam Greenlight to get Broforce up on Valve's distribution service.

Check out the playable demo of an early build of Broforce here.

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