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Brilliant Itch freebie If On a Winter's Night, Four Travellers coming to Steam this month

100% Goff.

If On A Winter's Night, Four Travellers, an breakout hit from indie developers Laura Hunt and Thomas Möhring, is coming to Steam later this month, releasing for free - like it is on Itch right now - on September 21st.

The new trailer for If On A Winter's Night, Four TravellersWatch on YouTube

I played If On A Winter's Night, Four Travellers back in March and loved it. It's only a few hours long, featuring some mostly gentle point-and-click puzzling and a nicely gripping mystery. There are lots of literary references, lots of gothic horror, and lots - as you might have already noticed - of quite stunning pixel art, too.


It's "a ghastly little gem," apparently, with about 31,000 downloads on Itch. And free! You should check it out (and give that writeup from March a read if you're feeling extra generous, too).

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