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Brian Lara Pressures PSP

New bite-sized challenges.

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Codemasters is aiming for boundaries this afternoon with its new Brian Lara game for PSP.

Pressure Play is due out this summer and will introduce new bite-sized challenges to the familiar formula.

These will cover various mini-tasks that make up the glorious game of cricket, progressing from easier "bowl a maiden over" challenges to "one-ball-left-to-win" taxers. There's 16 to get to grips with in all, and even some "Googly" fiddlers to really test you.

You'll also be able to try your hand at the ICC Cricket World Cup mode, featuring all the teams, kits, grass and balls that you can think of. Like Brian Lara, and, er, Ian Botham?

Wireless mutliplayer is there for two of you to go at it, and will give you the chance to act like children and recreate your favourite World Cup ties from the past. The fresh new Hawk Eye replay feature also makes a return, so you can watch your best deliveries over and over again.

Head over to our Brian Lara Pressure Play gallery to get a load of the action.

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