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Brash doing Prison Break game

Due in February 2009.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Self-proclaimed movie-to-game specialist Brash Entertainment has snapped up the rights to TV series Prison Break.

The penal project carries a February 2009 release date in the US, according to GameSpot, which is worryingly close for a game we know nothing about.

Confirmation comes from an advert stuffed - like a small rock-hammer - into the Season 3 box set of Prison Break.

Prison Break tells the story of a structural engineer who purposely falls foul of the law in order to join his brother in prison and get him out. Ellie is a big fan.

SAW, Space Chimps, and Tale of Desperaux are among the other licences held by Brash for conversion. But so far the publisher, which is focused on turning around the image of movie tie-ins, has met with little success: its Jumper and Alvin and the Chipmunks adaptations were widely panned.

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