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Brain Training coming to PC in May

Atari to sharpen commuters' intellects.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Atari and Namco Bandai are bringing Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima to Europe on 29th May. The game will work on PCs and laptops and on both DVDs and mini-DVDs.

The idea is to spread Brain Training to commuters without a DS, which is where the series found fame.

The formula remains unchanged, and consists of 36 quick-play mini-games that test three areas of the brain: frontal, parietal and temporal. Challenges are spread across arithmetic, memory and puzzles, and require either point-and-click input or simple keystrokes.

Dr Kawashima - a well-respected Japanese neuroscientist - oversaw development of the game. He is reported to have refused a salary of around EUR 15 million from Nintendo for his work on Brain Training, claiming an amount of that kind needs to be truly deserved. He later settled for a modest EUR 70,000 a year.

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