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Brad Pitt's firm to do Dark Void film

Man himself could star in it.

Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B Entertainment, has secured the rights to produce a big screen adaptation of Dark Void.

The game - which is due out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 next year - follows the adventures of a pilot called Will. After crash-landing in the Bermuda Triangle he finds himself in The Void, an alternate world where aliens are trying to invade. Will decideds to take them on with the help of some fellow humans and a high-powered jetpack.

According to Capcom, the new movie "is being developed as a sci-fi action franchise" and "potential starring vehicle for Brad Pitt". Perhaps one of his 17 kids could play the jetpack.

"As a game, Dark Void was developed with a wide-screen mentality - a world full of adventure presented in cinematic scope and scale," said Capcom exec Germaine Gioia. "Plan B recognised the potential of our newest property and are as excited about bringing Dark Void to life in cinemas as Capcom is to bring the interactive experience to home theaters."

The Dark Void game is slated for a release on 22nd January in Europe. There's no word on when the film will appear.

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