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Bozek "very excited" to be multiplatform

"I'm working on something brand new."

SingStar mother Paulina Bozek appears to be looking forward to multiformat development after a past shackled to Sony and PlayStation.

She's not ready to talk about her brand new Atari game just yet, but she's still in the social mass-market space and she's very excited about everything.

"I'm working on a lot of new and exciting things," said Bozek at the Atari Live event in London, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

"I'm very excited about all the developments on many different consoles as well as PC and web.

"I'm working on something brand new. It's still very much in the social, mass-market space, that's the area that I'm very, very much interested in. And now cross-platform. Or potentially on any platform, which could include PlayStation of course," she added.

Bozek's got her hands full setting up the Atari London studio at the moment, which has a small and intimate team at the moment that will bulge to around 150 people within two years. Get those applications over now.