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Boulder Dash PSP, DS dated

EA to co-publish in Europe.

EA has joined forces with 10Tacle to publish Boulder Dash-Rocks! in Europe.

It means we'll see the DS offering here this Christmas, followed by the PSP version next spring.

We told you about Boulder Dash-Rocks! a little earlier in the year; about how it was a remake of the 1980s retro classic - that one starring Rockford where you had to collect gems while avoiding falling rocks and avalanches.

We probably even said that our granddad thinks its a coal mine simulator and said that wasn't very fun at all cough cough.

These new versions will have up-to date graphics, varied levels, and multiple game modes to keep you interested - each platform gets an exclusive one, apparently. You can even challenge your friends to a game in multiplayer, if you fancy it.

"We are incredibly pleased with the new approach the 10Tacle Studios has taken on the classic Boulder Dash brand," said Jörg Rohler, business development chief at EA Germany.

"The game has been immensely popular throughout the years and offers an enormous amount of variety for a fun, casual digital gaming experience."

Head over to our Boulder Dash-Rocks! PSP and DS galleries to see how it's shaping up.

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