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Book of Unwritten Tales announced for PC

Acclaimed German point-and-click localised.

Critically-acclaimed German PC adventure The Book of Unwritten Tales arrives on UK shores in the Autumn, developer King ART Games has announced.

It's a classic fantasy point-and-click romp that follows four plucky heroes as they attempt to protect an ancient artifact from the clutches of the evil Army of the Shadows.

20 hours of gameplay, 60 locations and over 200 puzzles are promised. Screens and a teaser trailer below.

"We are thrilled to announce the worldwide release of The Book of Unwritten Tales (or BoUT) in Fall 2011", commented creative director Jan Theysen.

"We've invested a great amount of time, money and passion into the localisation and believe that people all over the world will enjoy the new and improved English version."

Could be one to watch for fans of the genre - Eurogamer's German site awarded the game a glowing 9/10 back in 2009.