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Bond film confirmation sparks game talk

Raven at the helm?

The 23rd James Bond film will go into production later this year and, according to reports, a videogame set to tie-in with it is in the works.

Deadline reports that Bond 23, starring Daniel Craig, will enter production in late 2011, with a worldwide release on 9th November 2012.

"Yet another James Bond videogame, which also had been held up because of the uncertainty, recently got the go-ahead," Deadline reports.

Attention now turns to the potential developer of the mystery James Bond game.

Last month early footage of Singularity developer Raven Software's rumoured stealth James Bond game emerged. It appeared in the show reel of animator Hanjin Song – since removed from the internet following copyright claims by Activision.

The footage revealed a James Bond game that echoed Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Bond was seen crouching behind cover, performing takedowns and shooting from a third-person perspective.

Last year one of Raven's two internal teams – the one responsible for 2009's so-so Wolfenstein reboot – was supposedly pulled off an unannounced 007 title by Activision to help make map packs for Call of Duty, while another finished up Singularity.