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Bohemia Interactive's FPS/RTS hybrid, Silica, is now available in early access

Two door Silica club.

Bohemia Interactive has revealed that its upcoming sci-fi FPS/RTS hybrid, Silica, is now available as an early access title.

Developed through Bohemia's Incubator initiative, Silica is "a crossover of FPS and RTS" where up to three factions battle for control over the planet Baltarus.

"Lead from above as commander, or experience the action first-hand, either alone, or with friends. Join one of two human armies, or hunt them down as the territorial aliens," the blurb teases. You can see it in action in the trailer below:

Cover image for YouTube videoSilica - Official Gameplay Release Trailer
Silica - Official Gameplay Release Trailer.

The early access title is a first and third-person shooter with vehicles, six "unique" locations, three "engaging" game modes, five infantry classes, eight alien creatures, and 11 "distinct" vehicles. There's also AI control for both commander and units, as well as singleplayer and multiplayer options.

Silica is currently available for £17.95/$20, and will increase by five dollars when the game exits early access sometime in the next nine to 12 months. Lead developer Martin "Dram" Melichárek says they plan "to implement a number of significant expansions and features based on the community requirements".

For those not in the know, Bohemia Incubator is "a place where good ideas become fantastic games", empowering indie game makers "to develop their playable prototypes and receive the help they need to prepare their product for full release".

"Bohemia Incubator offers financial support and publishing services to original projects with a unique vision," the team explains. "All you need is a playable prototype and an undying desire to flourish."