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Bloodborne PSX demake hits PC next year

Old Yharnam.

Bloodborne is making its way to PC. At least, a PSX fan-made demake of the game is.

It's been in development for some time, but a new trailer for the demake has announced a release date of 31st January 2022.

It certainly looks faithful to the PS4 original, but wrapped in a style that's authentic to the PS1.

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The trailer shows off the polygonal characters, foggy world and gory effects in all their glory, along with surprisingly smooth looking combat.

"This might be a somewhat controversial take, but I always thought of the soulsborne games as retro in their feel, and I mean that as a form of the highest praise," the game's developer Lilith Walther told Kotaku.

The first 10 minutes of the game are viewable on YouTube, complete with PS1 intro sound and menus. There's even a character creator with some wonderfully blocky options. From there it's a faithful recreation, though there's no denying that the game's creepy creatures look truly terrifying with their low-res textures and jerky animations.

Yharnam has never seemed so frightening.

Watch on YouTube