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Blizzard confirms new product

Won't say if it's StarCraft, but is hiring for 'Next-Gen MMO'.

Blizzard has told gamers that they will have to wait until 19th May to find out whether the company's next big announcement is a follow-up of some form to legendary real-time strategy title StarCraft.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has started listing a number of job openings for positions on a "Next-Gen MMO".

In light of speculation about the World of Warcraft developer's plans for a Korean event next month, a spokesperson told Kotaku that "a new product" will be announced, and even added that the company planned "to revisit" the StarCraft universe "at some point in the future".

A sequel to the late '90s RTS has been rumoured for years, but speculation has mounted recently following cryptic comments from executives.

Earlier this year, at the launch of WOW expansion The Burning Crusade, Blizzard's Itzik Ben Bassat said that he looked forward to standing with fans "in a few years, or whenever it's going to be" to "celebrate with you the launch of the next StarCraft or the next Diablo".

Following next month's event, Blizzard fans also have this year's second "BlizzCon" to look forward to on 3rd August, featuring discussion panels, tournaments, musical performances and other events - and a new game announcement there is hardly beyond the realms of possibility either.