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Blizz exec hints at Starcraft 2

During TBC launch event. He wants another Diablo, too.

One of Blizzard's gold-encrusted execs has said that he "hopes" there will be another StarCraft game in the near future.

"As a Starcraft player I can tell you that I hope it wouldn't go a decade - we launched Starcraft in '98 - I hope it wouldn't go a decade before we stand here and celebrate the next Starcraft together," Itzik Ben Bassat told crowds gathered at World of Warcraft expansion The Burning Crusade's official launch event in London last night.

"Don't forget that we have two more franchises that we love - Diablo and Starcraft," Bassat had declared.

"We haven't forgotten that we have these two franchises, and what I can tell you is that I look forward to stand here in a few years, or whenever it's going to be, and celebrate with you the launch of the next Starcraft or the next Diablo."

According to our people on the ground, the Blizzard PRs "looked a bit uncomfortable" around this point. So that's welcome to the Internet the hard way, really.

Whether all that means Bassat knows something that we don't though, or whether he's just teasing or speculating, is impossible to say - but Blizzard is notoriously secret and perfectionist about its work, and it wouldn't be a massive surprise to discover a sequel lurking in development somewhere.