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Blinkbox now available on Xbox 360 dash

Movie streaming service includes Kinect controls.

Online movie streaming service blinkbox arrives on the Xbox 360 dashboard today.

Subscribers will be able to log into their account and view content directly from their console.

The app also includes Kinect voice and motion control, and parental filters. An iOS version is available now too.

"Blinkbox now being available on both Xbox 360 and iPad means that our customers have more choice and control over how they watch their favourite entertainment," commented CEO Michael Comish.

"We can bring our huge library of blockbuster movies to even more people across the UK with the Xbox 360 and iPad applications. blinkbox truly gives a great viewing experience whenever and wherever our customers are across so many devices."

The launch is part of a wider Microsoft initiative to bring more TV and film content to its home console, with BBC iPlayer and 4oD among the services due to launch soon.