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Black Lion reveals Shadow Harvest

Michaela Strachan lost for words.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Freshly formed German developer Black Lion has whipped the wrappers off of Shadow Harvest, a tactical action game for PC and 360.

Due out in the first quarter of 2009, it'll let you control two black-ops agents with complimentary abilities. Predictably the girl, Myra, uses stealth while the man, Aron, prefers gun battles out in the open.

This mix of approaches should pickle your tactical noodle when picking one of many paths through the openly designed levels. A good deal of replayability is promised too.

The game is set in 2025 and inspired by the Intelligent Support Agency in the US. Apparently the blend of tactical action and stealth adventure makes this a unique prospect unlike any other.

Looks fairly pretty and apparently the shots are all in-game. Though they do always say that.

Black Lion Studios was formed early last year by Martin J. Schwiezer, who did important things on Neocron and racing series GTR.

Pop over to our Shadow Harvest gallery for the very first screenshots.

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