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BioShock dev shows off cancelled RTS

Take a look at Irrational's Dungeon Duel.

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BioShock dev has released details of a cancelled RTS called Dungeon Duel that it was working on a few years prior to its first trip to Rapture.

As detailed in a blog post on its official site, the game was in development back in 2002 for unspecified consoles.

"Dungeon Duel combines fast-paced RTS strategy with the addictiveness of card game trading in a unique fantasy setting - a true RTS game built specifically with consoles and their controllers in mind," read the pitch.

Two main single player modes were planned. Dungeon gave you limited time to explore a stage, find loot, avoid traps and dispatch some enemies, while Duel mode saw you slugging it out against opponents in real time.

As you progressed you'd get more cards to use in battle, which you could combine in unique combinations and trade with other players online.

Five multiplayer modes were also to be included: Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Dungeon Ball, King Killer and Treasure Hunter.

Irrational boss Ken Levine was creative director on the project, while System Shock 2 project manager Jonathan Chey was design lead. Interestingly, Chey recently left Irrational to set up his own studio, Blue Manchu, which is working on a similar-sounding card-based RPG called Card Hunter.

Check out a few early screens and concept art below.

Irrational's next effort, BioShock Infinite, is due out some time next year.

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