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BF Bad Company 2 DLC today

Play Special Ops dress-up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Today, EA and DICE will release a Kit Upgrade for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

That's good news for Xbox 360 owners but bad news for the PC and PS3 crowd, who'll receive the content "a little later on" according to the Battlefield blog.

Inside the Kit Upgrade are uniforms and guns, one set for each class. These are based on real-life equipment used by Special Operations troops like Delta Force and Spetsnaz. They use trendy camouflage and soon so will you.

Individually, class kits cost 160 Microsoft Points (£1.35/€1.90). Bundled, they cost 440 Microsoft Points (£3.75/€5.25).

Note that these are only available to buy in Europe; in the US access is reserved for codes redeemed from cans of fizzy drink Dr Pepper, who's not a real doctor at all.

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