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Beyoncé sued for $100m over canned game

"Unscrupulous" star "destroyed" studio.

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Singer Beyoncé Knowles is being sued for $100 million dollars for alleged breach of contract over a planned video game.

According to court documents published by New York Magazine, developer Gate Five claims Beyoncé pulled out of a deal to lend her name to a dance game called Starpower: Beyoncé.

Gate Five claims that "though she had already negotiated lavish compensation terms to which she was contractually bound, at a critical moment in the project's development made an extortionate demand for entirely new compensation terms she wanted.

"When her maneuver backfired and drove away the financier (who found Ms. Carter too erratic to do business with), she pulled out of the project in breach of the agreement."

The collapse of the deal allegedly "destroyed Gate Five's business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas."

"Her actions were so unscrupulous that her then manager (who is also her father) renounced them, while a senior executive of the company that agreed to finance the project condemned her conduct as 'morally reprehensible.'"

"In early December everything was still a go. And then the week of Christmas, she said that's it, I don't want to hear from you guys, go away, resulting in 70 people losing their jobs," Gate Five founder Greg Easley told New York Magazine.

"We'd much rather make a game than litigate. But we want to recover damages that Gate Five suffered."

Gate Five's claim asks for $6.7 million in lost investment on top of $100 million in potential profits from the game.

Beyoncé's camp is yet to offer her side of the story.

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