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Beowulf actors voicing game

Hopkins, Winstone among them.

Ubisoft has secured the voice acting talents of the principal Beowulf film cast members for its upcoming next-gen and handheld adaptation.

Anthony Hopkins, who plays King Hrothgar, and Ray Winstone, who plays Beowulf, along with Wiglaf actor Brendan Geeson and the cinematic Wulfgar, Sebastien Roche, have all spent some time in the recording booth.

"This is the first time I've worked on a videogame, and I must say it was one of the hardest working days of my career," gruffed Ray Winstone.

"Beowulf is a brutal character, a Dark Age-gangster with both hero and monster in him...as a player, I can identify with the monster slayer."

Whether you buy that or not, Beowulf certainly looks interesting, as we found out in a recent preview. It expands on the middle section of the film, where Beowulf grows up, and rather than slip blithely into the traditional hackandslash bracket it seems to have some new ideas about it - including some interesting squad-management concepts.

As creative director Gilles Matouba told us, "if we can be the Rainbow Six of hackandslash, it could be interesting".

The full game, developed by Tiwak, is due out on PC and Xbox 360 on 9th November, with PS3 and PSP versions joining the battle on 23rd November.