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Beautiful wilderness survival sandbox Among Trees now available in early access on PC

Via the Epic Store.

Developer's FJRD Interactive's gorgeous wilderness survival sandbox Among Trees is now available in early access on the Epic Store.

Among Trees plops players into the heart of a beautiful forest, giving them their own tiny wooden cabin as a base of operations. From there, budding survivalists are free to forge their own path, venturing out to explore lush meadows and dark caves, avoiding the deadly wildlife that roams the world, all in order to secure what they need to stay safe - chopping down trees, scavenging for food, catching fish, and more.

As the adventure continues, players are able to steadily expand their cosy cabin, building new rooms that grant access to new mechanics, including farming, cooking, and tool crafting.

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There's an air of developer Hinterland Studio's stellar The Long Dark about Among Trees' grounded survival - and FJRD even promises the occasional snow storm - but unlike Hinterland's desolate post-apocalyptic wilderness, Among Trees manages to present a serene slice of nature that most people probably wouldn't mind losing themselves in.

Epic's rather barebones product page doesn't offer any details regarding the state of Among Trees in its initial early access form or any additional information from FJRD on how development might progress over time, but those wishing to take a punt can do so for £13.59, which is 15% of the game's usual £15.99 price tag.