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Battlefield 2042 features series' first non-binary character

Four new Specialists add much-needed diverse representation.

Battlefield 2042 will feature the series' first non-binary character.

EA Dice has confirmed that specialist Emma "Sundance" Rosier is non-binary after fans noticed descriptions of the character used they/them pronouns.

Lead Community Manager of EA Dice Adam Freeman confirmed the news replying to a fan on Twitter.

Sundance is an Assault Specialist with a wingsuit to soar over the battlefield and Smart Explosives to take out enemy aircraft.

The character is also Black and fans have praised their hair, a seemingly small detail many games don't get right.

Indeed, all four newly announced specialists add strong representation to the game. Navin Rao is from India, Santiago "Dozer" Espinoza is from Mexico, Ji-Soo Paik is from South Korea, while Constantin "Angel" Anghel is from Romania. Together, they add some welcome diversity to the franchise.

Battlefield 2042 is due out on 19th November across PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The game was met with criticism after its recent beta, including the replacement of classes with Specialists. EA Dice has since responded to that criticism.

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