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Battlefield 1's latest update brings Operations to the server browser


Battlefield 1's big October patch comes out today and promises various improvements to gameplay, new Dog Tags and new gameplay settings, but the headline addition is it lets players browse servers for the fan-favourite Operations mode. This should make it much quicker and easier to start an Operations match.

DICE confirmed the news on Twitter (patch notes will be revealed this evening).

Battlefield 1's multiplayer will be down for two hours today, in order to deploy the latest patch. The update is automatic and downtimes are as follows:

  • PC: offline for two hours starting 8am BST.
  • PS4: offline for two hours starting 8am BST.
  • Xbox One: offline for two hours starting 9am BST.

The idea behind Operations mode is the attacking team pushes the frontline forward until they conquer the map, while defenders reinforce. The outcome of each round carries on to the next, creating a series of inter-connected battles.

Meanwhile, Operation campaigns are due out in November. This strings together multiple Operations and adds unique rewards. The first Operation Campaign is called Eastern Storm, and combines the two Operations from Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar: Brusilov Offensive and Red Tide. This one's just for Premium Pass owners.

Later in November, DICE will add Fall of Empires, a combination of the base game's Iron Walls and Conquer Hell. More Campaigns will be added later.

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