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Battle: Los Angeles PSN out next week

On Xbox Live Marketplace now.

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Movie tie-in Battle: Los Angeles quietly popped up on the Xbox Live Marketplace last Friday, and today Konami announced it'll launch on the PlayStation Network next week.

Battle: Los Angeles is the game of the alien invasion movie, which hit UK cinemas on Friday. It was made by Saber Interactive, the developer behind Inversion and rumoured to be working on a Halo: Combat Evolved high definition remake.

An OnLive PC version is due out later this month.

In the game you play Corporal Lee Imlay and fight alongside other US marines based on characters from the film. You defend Los Angeles from an overwhelming alien attack in a very Call of Duty-esque first-person way.

Incidentally, the Xbox 360 outputs in stereoscopic 3D – if you've got a 3D TV of course.

Battle: Los Angeles costs 800 Microsoft Points (£6.85) on Xbox Live Arcade and $9.99 (£6.49) on the PlayStation Network.

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