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Battle Fantasia heads to Europe

PS3, 360 fighter from Guilty Gear dev.

505 Games is bringing Battle Fantasia to Europe in the first quarter of 2009.

This is the PS3 and 360 fighting game made by Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works.

Battle Fantasia is painted in 2.5D, a bit like Street Fighter IV, and takes a liberal sprinkling of inspiration from role-playing adventures.

There are 12 fighters in total, each with unique special moves, ranging from pirate captains with enormous hook-hands to pixie women and bunnies in wizard hats. No rats, at least that we can see.

The bigger the brawler, the stronger, but slower they will be - with the opposite true for smaller characters.

Visually the style is bright and cartoony, and there are plenty of modes to mix things up. Plus, online and local battles for you and a friend.

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