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Bastion and Transistor dev announces RPG Pyre

Launching next year on PS4 and PC.

Bastion and Transistor developer Supergiant has announced a party-based RPG called Pyre. It looks a little something like this:

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Like Transistor before it, Pyre will launch simultaneously on PS4 and PC.

The game will follow a group of exiles partaking in a ritualistic competition to determine who among them is worthy to return home, absolved of their transgressions.

"As you journey across the Downside in the wanderers' custom blackwagon, you'll meet a variety of characters of all shapes and sizes, and learn what's in store for each of them should they prevail in the Rites," Supergiant said of this mysterious title in its announcement. "Your actions will determine who returns to glory, and who remains in exile to the end of their days."

Seems like one to keep an eye on.