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Bask in the sunshine of your love with Freaks & Geeks: The Game

The only one who could ease your pain was me.

Judd Apatow's coming-of-age masterpiece Freaks & Geeks now has a video game, albeit a fan-made one.

Developer by The Fine Bros., Freaks & Geeks: The Game is a choose-your-own adventure story on YouTube that lets us imagine what could have been had protagonist Lindsay Weir made different life choices.

Like what if she decided to stick with Millie and become a mathlete again? What if she didn't cut class that one time? Or lend her friends her dad's car? Or kiss Nick?

Sadly, there is no timeline in which Nick actually plays Lady L to Lindsay. There are some things that just weren't meant to be, I guess.

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Some of the meta-humour is a little irritating when the "actors" break character to discuss their later career moves, but The Fine Bros. have done an exceptional job recreating the classic show using 16-bit era graphics. Even the cadene and rhythm to the dialogue is beautifully captured. ("Friend of yours?... Lindz?")

Next month The Fine Bros. will bring us another Freaks & Geeks adventure, this time focusing on the geeks with Sam Weir in the lead role. I wonder if we'll see a world in which Mr. Fredricks doesn't explain how sex works to Sam.

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