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Bandai Namco is making a VR installation to tackle fear of heights

Save the cat.

Bandai Namco is making a Japanese VR installation to help people conquer their fears.

Launching in Tokyo on 15th April and lasting through mid-October, Project I Can will feature six different elaborate VR experiences. One of them, Fear of Heights Show, tasks players with donning an HTC Vive then walking down a virtual plank atop a skyscraper to rescue a cat.

They perform this walking on an actual plank (on the ground) then picking up a model of a cat. You can watch people freak out trying it in the video below.

Cover image for YouTube video
Remember: If you die in VR you make an ass of yourself in real life.

Other titles being featured at Project I Can are called Ski Rodeo, Real Drive, Escape Ward Omega, Train Meister and Argyle Shift.

The VR Installation will double as a research centre where the publisher will study the effects of VR on test subjects.

You can sign up for an appointment at Project I Can on its official site starting on 8th April.