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Bag an Opposing Fronts beta key

Try the new COH expansion.

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We've allied with THQ this morning to give away 300 beta keys for upcoming Company of Heroes expansion, Opposing Fronts.

It means those of you first out of the trenches will get a chance to see the improvements Relic has been working on these past months, like better computer-brained enemies, more realistic physics, and a dynamic new weather system.

All you have to do claim your key is tactically charge over to our Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts giveaway page and hope you get there before they've all run out. But you will have to be a member of our Eurogamers community first, so pop over and register quickly if you haven't already.

The full and standalone Opposing Fronts expansion is due for release on 9th November, and will add two new campaigns to for you to re-enact: the British 2nd Army's liberation of Caen in France, and the German Panzer Elite's battle against the massive airborne invasion that didn't go too well in the end, Operation Market Garden.

Company of Heroes was created by Relic Entertainment and released on PC last year to wild critical acclaim. It kicked genre sandbags around in so many new ways that we could do little else but award it the highest mark possible.

Head over to our Company of Heroes review to find out more.

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