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Bad Company 2 SP DLC possible

MP DLC designed not to segment users.

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DICE has said it won't rule out single-player downloadable content for high-flying Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and in the meantime its multiplayer endeavours will be designed not to fragment the audience.

"The good thing about having a post-launch campaign that we have - that we plan to take care of the product for a long time - is that we can be reactive to what people think," Troedsson told IGN (thanks VG247) when asked about single-player DLC possibilities.

"But obviously, creating single-player missions is a much bigger thing than creating additional multiplayer maps."

On the multiplayer side, Bad Company 2's first DLC launches for free on 30th March and consists of two maps - Arica Harbor and Laguna Presa - and Troedsson said DICE's approach to DLC is heavily informed by its experience making Battlefield titles on PC.

"One of the very clear lessons that we learned from that is that the more booster packs people have to pay for, all you do is actually segment the community," he said.

"Team play is very important for us... this is something that we felt that it is probably better to give away a lot of the maps for free, and then perhaps we can have some more paid DLC in the future that is not focusing on that."

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