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AWOMO beta open

Gaming portal wants testers.

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Game Domain International wants you to sign-up to beta test its new gaming portal.

Dubbed A World Of My Own, it's essentially a games on demand service within a persistent online world. A bit like a cross between Metaboli and Second Life. It's also strikingly similar to PlayStation Home.

You get to make a virtual avatar to live in this universe, where you can interact with other people and buy things like new clothes and items. You'll then go to different in-game areas that are themed to represent the type of game genre you're about to play - fantasy for fantasy, for instance. You won't have to wait for the whole thing to download, either, as it uses fancy software to install a hub so you can begin playing almost immediately.

It's built on the same Hero engine that BioWare is using for its MMO, and GDI promises there'll be the latest big games and various niche titles included. It also gives the publisher the chance to correlate server-wide tournaments and promotions, as well as pump adverts out at you.

For the 30,000 lucky beta applicants more than 50 games will be available to play for absolutely free. However, when the full version kicks off later this year there will be a subscription fee attached to it. This will be billed according to how much you use the service, so the more you play the more you pay. Although GDI was unavailable to tell us exactly how much that will be.

As an extra incentive, you early starters can become "island elders", get special introductory offers and custom items to show you were there before everyone else.

Head over to the website to sign-up, or pop into our A World Of My Own gallery for the latest screenshots.

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