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Awesome sim KartKraft leaves Early Access today

Kart blanche.

KartKraft, the highly acclaimed sim that was so good Motorsport Games went and bought it all up and set up a new Australian studio for some of the team at original developer Black Delta, is finally leaving early access and having its full launch today.

Having first hit Steam in 2018, Motorsport Games moved in on KartKraft last year, and the full release will see some 10 laser-scanned tracks, 20 kart manufacturers and plenty by way of mod support. It's also one of the better racing experiences you can get in VR, so is worth a punt if you prefer your driving games a bit more immersive.

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KartKraft is part of Motorsport Games ever-expanding slate of offerings, with official BTCC and Le Mans games still on the horizon. It's also by some margin the best of its current offerings, and is well worth a punt if you want a more grounded brand of motorsport action.

Now, if only they'd hurry up and add Rye House so I can relive those glorious few laps when I was able to keep Lewis Hamilton at bay when I was a kid.