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Attractive digital board game Armello on Kickstarter

Compete with friends to replace a dying king.

This is an attractive Kickstarter pitch: Armello, a 1-4 player digital fantasy board game with an eye-catching art style.

Developed in Australia by a new studio filled with experienced people - aptly named League of Geeks - Armello needs a modest AUD $200,000 (£112,000) to succeed.

It's been in development for around a year, on iPad and PC, and there's already plenty of the game to see.

The idea is that a king is dying and you must fight with the other players and evil enemies, using a dice-based combat system, to take his place. Turn by turn you'll gain power and influence and hope to fill his shoes.

The hexagonal-tiled map is procedurally generated, there's a classless skill progression system, local and online multiplayer (and single-player), and lots of lovingly illustrated cards to deal with.

Looks like there are some nice backer rewards, too.