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Atlus to localise PSP strategy RPG Gungnir

Latest from Knights in the Nightmare dev due next June.

Formerly Japan-only PSP strategy RPG Gungnir is heading West courtesy of Atlus.

The publisher plans to launch the game in North America on both UMD and PlayStation Network on 12th June 2012. No mention of an official European release yet.

Originally released in Japan back in April, it's the latest effort from developer Sting Entertainment - the studio behind the Yggdra Union strategy series and DS RPG Knights in the Nightmare.

Apparently the story follows a young female noble armed with a mysterious divine spear who is tasked with unseating an oppressive tyranny. Combat is turn-based and, according to Atlus' announcement, "offers a number of fresh twists on an expertly honed formula."

There are no screens available just yet but the opening cinematic below should give you some idea of what to expect.