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Atari doing Jamster game

Ringtone hell for PC, PS2.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Atari has unveiled plans to push Jamster Allstars onto PC and PS2 this November.

It's an action-adventure title made by Mercury Games, which is based on the face-punching world of infuriating ringtones.

Jamster is an uber mobile content provider, you see, responsible for treats like the Crazy Frog and Nessie the Dragon.

Well, now you get the chance to play as a quartet of characters you've probably seen on the telly, before trying your best not to purposely get killed as you work your way through various levels looking for the kidnapped Sweetie the Frog and stolen magical notes.

Must persevere for the sake of news. But so difficult - rapidly losing life force.

The rewards are generous, too, you'll get some new melodies to annoy people on the train with – as well as a hearty sense of satisfaction. It's got its own soundtrack, too.

Oh dear.

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