Resident Evil Village Goat locations: Where to find all Goats of Warding collectibles

Our explainer to finding Resident Evil Village's hidden objects.

Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding are hidden throughout the expansive horror game - over the village, castle, factory, and other areas of Romania.

In terms of Goats of Warding rewards, there's only one specific reward for finding and destroying all 20 Goats in Resident Evil Village - and will come most in handy for those looking to revisit the game on future replays.

Note there may be spoilers in the locations and objectives shown each screenshot, so it's best to read when you've reached the area in the question.

For help elsewhere in the game, see our Resident Evil Village walkthrough.

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How Goats of Warding in Resident Evil Village work

The Goats of Warding are never really explained in Resident Evil Village, and it's only if you go into the game's Challenge menu that you'll see they're actually a collectible.

The Cynic Trophy in Resident Evil Village.

In all, there are 20 Goats of Warding to track down in the latest Resident Evil game, and they're not just restricted to the titular village.

When you come across a Goat of Warding, all you need to do to count it as being "found" is to destroy it - by shooting or stabbing. Upon doing this, the goat will vanish in a flashy display, and you'll have come that one step closer to tracking down all the Goats of Warding in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding rewards explained

Unfortunately, there aren't any rewards linked to any individual Goat of Warding. Instead, you need to find and eliminate all 20 goats throughout Resident Evil Village to obtain the final reward.

The reward for finding all Goats of Warding are 16,000 Challenge Points, which you can use in the 'Bonuses' section of the Resident Evil Village main menu.

The Heretic Challenge in Resident Evil Village.

There's actually a lot of stuff to unlock in Resident Evil Village through spending Challenge Points. For example, the replayable Mercenaries mode is unlocked through spending Challenge Points, as are some elite weapons like the Dragoon assault rifle, and even infinite ammo cheats for each different weapon in the game.

Additionally, there are two Achievements/Trophies linked to Goats of Warding in Resident Evil Village. You'll earn the "Cynic" Achievement/Trophy for successfully finding your first Goat of Warding, and then you'll earn the "Heretic" Achievement/Trophy once you've found every goat in the game.

From here is all Goat of Warding locations, area-by-area:

Village goat locations

To kick things off, here's our list of all the Goat of Warding locations we've found in the titular village. Resident Evil Village's main town is an absolute maze of cramped streets and alleyways, dotted with lycans round every corner, so finding Goats of Warding within this mess of a town is no small feat.

Goat of Warding 1 location (Maiden of War)

Starting things nice and simple, you won't find the first Goat of Warding in Resident Evil Village until after you've met the mysterious old woman that speaks in riddles to you, shortly after you're tasked with surviving the horde of lycans. After speaking to the old woman, she'll lock the big red gate behind you. Turn around to find yourself facing a statue of a woman with a spear and shield. On the other side of the statue is a lit up display case, housing the first Goat of Warding.

The Goat of Warding located near the Maiden of War.

Goat of Warding 2 location (Church)

For the second Goat of Warding, you simply need to look northeast. Through an open gate is a small church housing a typewriter. Right on top of the church is a Goat of Warding, hiding next to the church spire itself.

A Goat of Warding atop the church in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 3 location (Fallow Plot)

The next Goat of Warding isn't far off. Head east from the main square into the Fallow Plot, where you'll be attacked by two lycans. In the northeast corner of the Fallow Plot, up some stairs, is a Goat of Warding sat atop a wall.

The Fallow Plot Goat of Warding in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 4 location (West Old Town)

Near the West Old Town area, where you were first ambushed by a horde of lycans, you'll find a big blue gate. Once you're through the gate, look straight ahead, and you'll see a lower roof to the left of the building on your right. On top of this lower roof, there's a Goat of Warding.

The West Old Town Goat of Warding in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 5 location (Graveyard)

When you've finished up in Castle Dimitrescu, you'll be back in the village with the Iron Insignia key. Head to the back of the church that housed the second Goat of Warding on this list, and you'll see a gate with the matching Iron Insignia at the top of some stairs. Turn right once you're through this gate, and you can find the Goat of Warding on the ground next to a large grave.

The graveyard Goat of Warding in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 6 location (Lone Road)

This Goat of Warding can only be found after you've successfully made your way out of Castle Dimitrescu. Once you're out of the castle itself, you'll find yourself on a road to the east of the village itself. When you get to a bridge running over a river, take the small wooden stairs down, and then turn around to find yourself facing a small dark room. Within this dark room on the floor, you'll find a Goat of Warding.

The Goat of Warding near the Lone Road.

Castle Dimitrescu goat locations

The second major location you'll find yourself in during Resident Evil Village is Castle Dimitrescu. No prizes for guessing who this foreboding location is home to, but aside from bloodthirsty villains, the castle also houses a number of Goats of Warding, too.

Goat of Warding 7 location (Vineyard)

During the approach to Castle Dimitrescu, there's a Goat of Warding hiding among the Vineyard. On the northern end of the vines themselves, look towards the short cliff face to the north, and you'll find a Goat of Warding extremely well disguised among the rock face.

The Goat of Warding in the Vineyard in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 8 location (Distillery)

In the basement of Castle Dimitrescu, you'll find another Goat of Warding. The basement is actually called the Distillery, and when you first drop down into the location, there's a Goat of Warding waiting for you there.

The Distillery Goat of Warding in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 9 location (Attic)

The next Goat of Warding in Castle Dimitrescu is found near the roof. You'll know you're in the Attic area when you climb a ladder up to a pretty scant hallway, lacking proper walls and flooring. Turn around as soon as you climb up the ladder to reach the Attic, and you'll see the Goat of Warding there.

The Goat of Warding in the attic in Resident Evil Village.

House Beneviento goat locations

There's only two Goats of Warding to find in the scenery surrounding House Beneviento. Steel yourselves for what's hiding within the house however, because you're going to have more than goat statues on your mind.

Goat of Warding 10 location (Suspension Bridge)

The next Goat of Warding can be found on the way to Donna Beneviento's house. On the way to confront Beneviento, which happens after Ethan's pretty tense confrontation with the Duke near the Altar area, you'll cross over a rope bridge. Look to the south while on the rope bridge, and you'll see a number of other bridges. On the bridge closest to you, you'll find another Goat of Warding.

The Goat of Warding on the suspension bridge in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 11 location (House Beneviento)

When you first reach House Beneviento, there's a pathway outside the front door that skirts the house itself. Head round to the left when you're facing the front door, and you'll come to an area right at the edge of the cliff. Just behind the fence here, you can find a Goat of Warding in hiding.

Here's where you can find the Goat of Warding outside House Beneviento.

Reservoir goat locations

In this area of Resident Evil Village, there's three Goats of Warding to uncover. This is a minor miracle, as there's all sorts of nooks and crannies in this area where any number of goats could potentially be hidden.

Goat of Warding 12 location (Windmill Turntable)

When you're progressing through this area, with the mutated Moreau in hot pursuit, you'll eventually come to a windmill that's marked as the Windmill Turntable on your map. When you're on the outside of the upper floor of the windmill itself, there's a Goat of Warding hiding next to some wood logs.

The Goat of Warding statue near the Windmill Turntable.

Goat of Warding location 13 (Reservoir houses)

Now this Goat of Warding location is just downright cruel. If you were thinking there was any sort of logic to where the goats were placed, this one is here to prove you wrong, because there's a Goat of Warding balancing on the top of a wooden pole jutting out of the Reservoir water, when you're looking in the direction of the massive sluice gate after having just pushed your first cart into the water to make a pathway.

The Goat of Warding near the Reservoir in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 14 location (Boat keeper's hut)

Remember when you first got on a boat to go across the Reservoir, after escaping from Moreau's trap within the mines? You'll need to go back to this location after you've drained the Reservoir and defeated Moreau, because you can now go across a new bridge directly opposite from the boat keeper's hut, and go through a ruined windmill, where you can find a Goat of Warding waiting for you just outside the shell of the windmill.

A Goat of Warding near the boat keeper's hut.

Stronghold goat locations

The Stronghold is the home of the lycan creatures that've been doggedly pursuing Ethan Winters throughout Resident Evil Village. It's a tough location to fight your way through, but there are several Goats of Warding hidden within the cramped passageways.

Goat of Warding 15 location (Otto's Mill)

You can find the next Goat of Warding as you make your way toward the Stronghold area of Resident Evil Village's map, pretty late on in the game. After you've made your way through the large gate that leads away from the village to the northeast, you'll come to a fork in the road, with a sign reading "good luck." Take the path on the left, and you'll come to a river. Go up the river, underneath the large factory-like building, and you'll find a Goat of Warding housed within a fancy glowing altar.

The Goat of Warding underneath Otto's Mill in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 16 location (Stronghold staircase)

Once you've made your way through the majority of the Stronghold area, you'll come to a large spiral staircase, with some very "big boss ahead" vibes. At the bottom of this large stone staircase, right before you squeeze through a gap in the nearby rocks, you can find a Goat of Warding sitting on the edge of the staircase, to the right.

The Goat of Warding in the Stronghold in Resident Evil Village.

Heisenburg's factory goat locations

Rounding out our guide on the Goat of Warding locations in Resident Evil Village is Heisenburg's Factory. This decrepit location is home to more monsters than just lycans, so make sure you've got all the ammo you can possibly muster before stepping in to face off against the madman's creations.

Goat of Warding 17 location (Duke's elevator)

This Goat of Warding is incredibly easy to miss. When you're in the elevator with the Duke in Heisenburg's factory, you need to press the button to be taken up to the top floor. On your way there, the goat will flash past in the blink of an eye on a ledge next to the door of the elevator on the left of the Duke.

The Goat of Warding hiding in the Duke's elevator.

Goat of Warding 18 location (Ventilation Duct)

When you're combing through Heisenburg's massive factory, you'll eventually come to a huge ventilation duct, where you need to shoot a rotor to avoid getting sliced and diced in massive blades. After the huge rotor has been destroyed, turn around, and head to the southern end of the ventilation duct. Here, at the end of the duct, atop some steel wreckage, you can find a Goat of Warding.

The Goat of Warding in the Ventilation Duct in Resident Evil Village.

Goat of Warding 19 location (Cargo Bay)

Near the conclusion of Heisenburg's factory, you'll be pitted against a miniboss with rotor blades attached to its head. After you've dispatched the boss by repeatedly shooting it in the back, you'll find yourself in a subsequent room with a control panel. Look to the eastern end of the room, and you'll find a small vent that you can crouch to walk through. In this next tiny room, you'll find a Goat of Warding waiting for you.

The Cargo Bay Goat of Warding in Resident Evil Village.

Final area goat locations

There's only one Goat of Warding to find in this final area. Notice that we've deliberately left out the name of this location so as to not spoil the location itself for those players who have accidentally scrolled to this section of the guide.

Goat of Warding 20 location (Underground)

Still here? Excellent. In the vaguest terms possible, you'll reach a point where you venture underground in this section of the game. You'll then come face to face with a massive, inanimate object, where a short cutscene plays out. After the cutscene, turn to your right, and use your scoped weapon to find the final Goat of Warding hiding at the foot of a larger statue.

The Goat of Warding hiding underground.

For help elsewhere in the game, see our Resident Evil Village walkthrough.

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