So, so close. In just a few more hours, European gamers will legally be able to snap up Super Mario Galaxy (unlike the 60p pirated version we found on the high street in Shanghai last week).

To ease the dreadful suffering of these final, torturous hours, we've put together our own super video galaxy of exclusive snippets, giving you a taster of the finest action sequences that await you in the early hours of Mario's perfect-10 triumph.

Spoiler-haters be warned: each video offers up a self-contained star-gathering mission, so if you really want to everything to remain a surprise, look away now. But if you really can't wait, and fancy revelling in the magic that lies in store in this gaming masterpiece, read on.

Our German friends over on reveal the first dramatic encounter with the old enemy, as Mario enters The Fiery Stronghold.

And the combined anger of a nation of striking workers isn't enough to stop the indefatigable souls at from highlighting the tense, motion-sensing manoeuvres of a Very Sticky Situation.

Finally, chez dot net, an epic, 360-degree boss battle runs it course, as Mazza seeks to unravel Tarantox's Tangled Web.

So that's Super Mario Galaxy, out tomorrow, right across Europe. And, if you've a Wii and any sense, in your shopping bag.

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