Teamfight Tactics items and item cheat sheet: item combos, Golden Spatula and how items work in LoL TFT

All items in Teamfight Tactics and a cheat sheet for how they combine.

Items in Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends' auto chess-style mode, play a crucal role in any winning strategy, but due to the largely random way in which they're distributed and the changes in item combos from regular LoL, you're probably on the hunt for a decent Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet.

You're in the right place! Below we'll explain all you need to know about every Teamfight Tactics item, including what the Golden Spatula does, as well as the item functions and best item combinations for every other piece of gear in the game right now.

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Update (July 19th): This Teamfight Tactics item and cheat sheet page has been updated to reflect the tweaks made in Patch 9.14, including several stat updates, including the Redemption item.

Teamfight Tactics items explained: how do items work in TFT?

Items in Teamfight Tactics are objects you can equip onto Champions in order to boost their stats and, as you get better items, grand secondary effects too.

There are only two ways to get items in Teamfight Tactics: by picking a Champion from the carousel, such as at the start of the game because all Champions on the carousel will come with an item equipped; and at random, from defeated enemies in the PvE rounds.


If you add two basic items to a Champion, such as a BF Sword and a Recurve Bow, those two will combine into an advanced item, in this case a Sword of the Divine. Avanced items provide both stat boosts and a unique secondary effect - in the Sword of the Divine's case, that's base stats of +15% Attack Speed and +20 Attack Damage (from the BF Sword and Recurve Bow respectively), plus the added effect where every second that passes the Champion holding the item has a 5% chance to gain 100% Critical Strike Chance until the end of combat.

There are plenty of little subtleties though that you're probably wondering about, so here's a quick runthrough of the essentials:

Key things to know about items:

  • Any two basic items will form an advanced item when equipped on a Champion, there are no incompatible items or combos, so you can never have two basic uncombined items on one Champion. See the cheat sheet below for an at-a-glance look at what plus what equals what!
  • You can equip a maximum of three advanced items on a Champion. When Champions are combined and are holding items, the items combine or stack, up to that total of three. If there would be more than three when the Champions are combined then the item is dropped and goes over to the bench, where you can reassign it.
  • The only way to unequip an item from a Champion is to sell that Champion, or combine it with more of the same Champion so that there are more than three and the excess items drop to the bench. This is the only way to move items between Champions too.
  • You can view the details and effects of the item a Champion is holding by right-clicking on the Champion and then hovering the mouse over the items shown there.
  • There's no item shop or way you can choose items in the sense that you can view and choose Champions. The only time you can "choose" an item is when you're choosing a Champion from the carousel, where you can see the item it currently has equipped.
  • The items you get from defeating PvE enemies like minions or wolves are random. It's possible to get no items from a round or an item from every PvE enemy beaten in that round. As far as we can tell so far there's no way to influence this, so you need some luck!

Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet: every TFT item combo listed

Here's a table showing every item combination in go. Simply look for the item along the top for the one you currently have, and the one down the left for the one you're adding to it. The combination of the two is where those two meet in the table, so a Tear of the Goddess plus a Needlessly Large Rod equals a Luden's Echo.

LoL Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet:

Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet.

Teamfight Tactics item functions: what the Golden Spatula and every TFT item does

Every item in Teamfight Tactics - barring the uncombined Golden Spatula - has a function. Basic items have a single function, such as +20 Attack Damage, whilst Advanced items have three: one for each of the two items that combined to make it, and a third unique bonus.

Here's a table running through every item in the game and what it does, so you know what to attach to who at any time! Combine this with the cheat sheet above for ultimate planning.

Teamfight Tactics item functions list - what every item does in TFT

Mobile users scroll right to view full table.

ItemBonus 1Bonus 2Bonus 3
BF Sword Attack Damage +20 N / A N / A
Recurve Bow Attack Speed +20% N / A N / A
Needlessly Large Rod Ability Power +20 N / A N / A
Tear of the Goddess Starting Mana +20 N / A N / A
Chain Vest Armour +20 N / A N / A
Negatron Cloak Magic Resist +20 N / A N / A
Giant's Belt Health +200 N / A N / A
Golden Spatula N / A N / A N / A
Infinity Edge Attack Damage +40 Critical Strike Damage +100% N / A
Rapid Firecannon Attack Speed +40% Doubles attack range. Basic attacks cannot miss. N / A
Rabadon's Deathcap Ability Power +40 Increases Ability Power by 50% N / A
Seraph's Embrace Starting Mana +40 After casting a special ability, gain 20 Mana. N / A
Thornmail Armour +40 Reflects all physical damage mitigated by Thornmail. N / A
Dragon's Claw Magic Resist +40 Gain 83% resistance to Magic Damage. N / A
Warmog's Armour Health +400 Regenerates 6% of missing health per second. N / A
Force of Nature Increases unit cap by 1. N / A N / A
Sword of the Divine Attack Damage +20% Attack Speed +15% Every second, has a 5% chance to gain 100% Critical Strike Chance for the rest of the round.
Hextech Gunblade Attack Damage +20 Ability Power +20 Heal for 25% of damage dealt.
Spear of Shojin Attack Damage +20 Starting Mana +20 After casting a Special Ability for the first time, basic attacks restore an additional 15% of maximum mana on hit.
Guardian Angel Attack Damage +20 Armour +20 Upon death, revive with 1000 health.
Bloodthirster Attack Damage +20 Magic Resist +20 Heal for 50% of damage dealt by basic attacks.
Zeke's Herald Attack Damage +20 Health +200 At the beginning of combat all allies two spaces to the left and right of the wearer gain 15% attack.
Youmuu's Ghostblade Attack Damage +20 Champion is also an Assassin. N / A
Guinsoo's Rageblade Attack Speed +20% Ability Power +20% Gain 4% attack speed on hit, unlimited stacking.
Statikk Shiv Attack Speed +20% Starting Mana +20 Every third basic attack deals 100 magic damage to the target and three additional enemies.
Phantom Dancer Attack Speed +20% Armour +20 Dodge all critical strikes.
Cursed Blade Attack Speed +20% Magic Resist +20 Basic attacks have a 20% chance to shrink the target, removing 1 star.
Titanic Hydra Attack Speed +20% Health +200 Basic attacks deal 10% of your maximum health bonus damage to the target and adjacent enemies.
Blade of the Ruined King Attack Speed +20% Champion is also a Blademaster. N / A
Luden's Echo Ability Power +20 Starting Mana +20 Special Ability deals 200 magic damage to all adjacent enemies to the target.
Locket of the Iron Solari Ability Power +20 Armour +20 Allies two spaces to the left and right of the wearer start with a 300 health shield.
Ionic Spark Ability Power +20 Magic Resist +20 Enemies take 200 true damage when casting their Special Abilities.
Morellonomicon Ability Power +20 Health +200 Special Ability applies a burn on hit for 3 seconds. Deals 3% maximum health per second and prevents healing.
Yuumi Ability Power +20 Champion is also a Sorceror. N / A
Frozen Heart Starting Mana +20 Armour +20 Adjacent enemy attack speed reduced by 20%.
Hush Starting Mana +20 Magic Resist +20 Basic attacks have a 30% chance to silence the target.
Redemption Starting Mana +20 Health +200 Once the wearer reaches 25% health, heals nearby allies for 1,000 health.
Darkin Starting Mana +20 Champion is also a Demon. N / A
Sword Breaker Armour +20 Magic Resist +20 Basic attacks have a 20% cahnce to disarm the target.
Red Buff Armour +20 Health +200 Basic attacks deal 2.5% of targets maximum health as true damage and prevent healing.
Knight's Vow Armour +20 Champion is also a Knight. N / A
Zephyr Magic Resist +20 Health +200 At the start of combat banishes the enemy unit that mirror's the wielder's placement on the board.
Runaan's Hurricane Magic Resist +20 Basic attacks hit an additional enemy for 25% damage. N / A
Frozen Mallet Health +200 Champion is also a Glacial. N / A

The best item combinations in Teamfight Tactics so far

The nature of how items work in Teamfight Tactics means that there are no definitive "best" options. Items are hugely situational - some games you'll never get the chance to make certain items because the right basic items will just never come up - and likewise the items you choose will depend on your team composition as well. There's no point putting an Ability Power-boosting item on a Vayne, for instance, as Vayne has no special abilities.


That said, there are some standout items that are a bit less situational and can almost always be useful to your team. Here are some of our go-to options from playing Teamfight Tactics so far.

The best Teamfight Tactics items and item combinations we've found so far:

  • Force of Nature (Golden Spatula + Golden Spatula) - The obvious one, Force of Nature is a game-changer, allowing you to field an extra Champion on the field above the usual limit of your level, including when you hit the cap at Level 9. The best way to get it is to pick champions you won't use from the carousel who are carrying the Golden Spatula and then sell them, so you can combine it on a Champion of your choice. Easier said than done!
  • Zephyr (Negaton Cloak + Giant's Belt) - Isolating an enemy at the start of a round and keeping them out of the game is incredibly useful, and the utility goes well with the tanky stats it offers for bulkier frontline units, too.
  • Redemption (Tear of the Goddess + Giant's Belt) - Another great utility item, this is an amazing item for champions you expect to be roughed up early in a round. Once the wearer hits 25% health, it emits a delayed 1000 health heal to friendly units nearby. This helps greatly by keeping your squishier units on the board longer.
  • All of the double-stack items (Two of the same of any item) - Infinity Edge, Rapid Firecannon, Rabadon's Deathcap, Seraph's Embrace, Thornmail, Dragon's Claw, and Warmog's Armour are all brilliant single-purpose items for specialist builds. Get Warmog's on your tank, Seraph's on a caster, and so on. Combine them with at least one other advanced item and they can be devastating.

Additional reporting by Connor Makar.

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