Classes in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, otherwise known as Professions, come in three varieties: the Auror, the Magizoologist and the Professor.

From what we've learned about the game ahead of launch so far, it seems they'll be pretty important too. Your chosen class will affect you strengths and ability to deal with certain challenges in-game, and will also dictate what bonuses you have available to you from the skill tree as you progress through the game, too.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Professions and classes explained - what are classes in Wizards Unite and how do they work?

There are three different classes - or Professions - for you to choose from in Niantic's Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, much the same as in Pokémon Go, but that's actually where the similarities between Wizards Unite's classes and Pokémon Go's teams ends.

You aren't locked into a Profession once you've chosen one, for instance, and there's no class-on-class rivalry - or even player-on-player rivaly either, really.

Wizards Unite is all about cooperation and working together with anyone you meet, rather than vying for control or superiority, so the lack of rivalry between classes - and lack of teams, factions or houses altogether - makes some sense.

Each class has something of a specialism - a little more on that below - and so you'll want to try and form a group with a nice mix between the different types. The idea, as we take it, is that it's designed to make you feel like you're a little group of intrepid wizards all complementing each other's skills, just like you're Harry, Hermione and Ron themselves.

Auror, Professor and Magizoologist - Which Profession is best and other things to know about classes in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

As we mentioned above each class is particularly good at something, so ideally in your group of players you'll want to have people spread fairly evenly across each.


The Auror class

The Auror class is intended at being best as spellcasting and defeating dark wizards in combat. It's represented by Harry Potter himself in-game, as the main archetype of an Auror, and the skill tree is based around Defense Against the Dark Arts.

The Professor class

The Professor is described as having "deep magical knowledge", so seems to be built around puzzle-solving or more intellectual pursuits. It's represented by Professor McGonagall.

The Magizoologist class

The Magizoologist is described as a tanky support class, best at dealing with magical beasts of all kinds, and is represented by Newt, of Fantastic Beasts fame.

Other things to know about the Auror, Professor and Magizoologist in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

  • Classes are particularly important in tackling Fortresses - you'll want to split tasks between you according to who's best suited for what. Fortresses are made of up of different rooms or areas with different threats or challenges in each, with one wizard able to be sent to each area - so you'll be sending your Auror to tackle those rooms with dark wizards, and so on.
  • You can switch class at will - the classes are tied to skill trees, so it's less about picking a class and sticking to it and more about picking a specialism and building around it. You can't 'respec' - so you can't remove skills from one and put them in another - but you can mix and match however you like. When you earn a new skill point you can put it in any of the three trees, essentially.
  • It's not known how you can unlock that skill tree progression just yet, or what some of the best skills are - the ones we learned about from the event were relatively simple and generic (things like +10% spell damage, and so on) but there may be mroe to it than that down the line.

That's all we know about classes for now - it's still early days, after all! - but rest assured that we'll be updating this page as and when new information arrives in the build up to launch.

You can read more, meanwhile, in Tom Phillips' exensive Harry Potter: Wizards Unite preview, or our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite guide to everything we know, gathered all in one place.

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