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Harry Potter Wizards Unite - Portkey Portmantaus, Golden Keys, Silver Keys and Rewards explained

How Portkey Portmantaus work in the Harry Potter mobile game.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Portkey Portmanteaus are essentially the game's equivalent of Pokémon Go's Eggs.

Like in Harry Potter, opening one will transport you to a new location, with the game presenting you with unique scenes, Foundables and other rewards.

Opening one is an early quest in the SOS Assignment 'Fragmented Foundables' storyline, so learning where to find Portkeys and how to unlock Portkeys using Golden Keys and Silver Keys as soon as possible will allow you to progress.

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How to get Portkey Portmanteaus, Golden Keys and Silver Keys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

First, how do you get a Portkey Portmanteau? They are found out in the wild, spawning in the same way that Foundables and Ingredients do.

Portkey Portmanteaus look like a chest with a pointed roof. Simply tap it to add to your inventory. If you have too many in your inventory, then it cannot be collected.

How Portkeys look when found in the wild.

This is different to how Eggs, the nearest equivalent in Pokémon Go, work = which are obtained by spinning PokeStops (Inns or Greenhouses in Wizards Unite) or other sources.

As for Golden Keys and Silver Keys, Golden Keys is a permanent item you'll always have in your inventory, while Silver Keys are a finite resource, purchased from the game's shop or earned in-game through rare means, such as levelling up.

In short - you'll always have at least one means of opening a Portkey Portmanteau in your possession, since as soon as the Golden Key is used up, it'll then return back to your inventory.

A little tip - use your Golden Key on the 2km Portkeys, and the Silver Keys on the 5km and 10km Portkeys. That way, you'll get more value out of the limited number of Silver Keys in your possession.

Another is to use a Baruffio's Brain Elixir (remember to use Potion Master Notes to get these quicker) before using the Portkey after it's been unlocked, which will give you double XP for doing so.

In Pokémon Go, there were special events which reduced the walk time of Eggs - by a third or a half, for example - and it's possible Harry Potter Wizards Unite could do the same. In the meantime - you have to walk the distance specified.

How to unlock Portkey Portmantaus with Golden Keys and Silver Keys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Portkey Portmantaus are just like Pokemon Go's Eggs - blind boxes that offer hidden rewards that only reveal themselves once you have walked a certain distance.

Portkeys come in three varieties, and are found at random:

  • Prized Portkey - 2km
  • Precious Portkey - 5km
  • Paramount Portkey - 10km

Once you have found one, you then need to unlock it. Head to your briefcase at the bottom of the main exploration screen, then the Portkeys button on the right.

Select the Portkey in question, then use a Golden or a Silver Key. Now, walk the required distance until it unlocks.

When you open the Portkey, it'll add the encounter on your exploration screen. Because of this, you won't want to do it while moving, otherwise it'll speed away from you and you'll lose it!

If you're curious to see how a Portkey works in action, here's footage by RaZzi on YouTube:

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - How to use PORTALS and where to find them? (Portkeys & Portmanteau)

Before beginning your wizarding adventure, you’ll want to join a Hogwarts House in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. After that you’ll need to learn how to battle, so you can compete in Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses or how to use Greenhouses, so that you can perform Potion Master Notes. You can also unlock Portkey Portmanteaus and choose a profession from Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. Don’t forget to take part in the monthly Community Day event either!

What rewards do you receive from unlocking Portkey Portmantaus in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Once you've walked far enough to unlock a Portkey Portmantaus, you'll have the opportunity to travel to a location in the Wizarding World through the power of AR.

Currently you can visit:

  • Hagrid's Hut
  • Borgin and Burkes
  • Ollivanders's Shop
  • Honeydukes

While Honeydukes can only be accessed by opening a 10 km Portkey, the rest of these locations are chosen at random.

Whether location you find yourself in, you'll have the chance to collect a variety of rewards. You do this by finding Wrackspurts, sparkly balls, hidden throughout the location. Each Wrackspurt equals a reward.

The rewards you can receive include XP, potion ingredients, Foundable Family XP and, most importantly, Foundable Fragments.

Here is the list of the Foundable Fragments that you can currently find from unlocking Portkey Portmantaus:

Thank you to orangewizard2019 from Instagram for this infographic.

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