This article explains how to survive Nightmare of Mensis in Bloodborne, following on from Amygdala.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

From the last part of our guide, carry on down the path and kill the Werebeast by sneaking up on it. Just be aware that these creatures are slightly different to the ones you've faced before. On death, a pair of snakes will erupt from the enemy and come at you - just be ready for this follow-up assault.

How to make it through the Nightmare of Mensis

Keep going down the path and kill the Imp before he can leg it away. Now just carry on forwards and take the Frenzied Coldblood from the body nearby. You'll be shot in a moment - which is nice - and being hit will up your frenzy level. Be prepared to use a Sedative if necessary, and make use of the environmental objects to protect yourself.

>When you get to the Nightmare Mensus lamp, light it up, then carry on forwards and beat up the Werebeasts. Take the Blood Vials from the nearby corpse as well. Go up the stairs on your left and kill the Werebeasts, then veer left when the path starts curving right and head uphill. Take the Frenzied Coldblood from the body on your left, then approach the fur Giants and kill them nice and quickly.

As you keep going up the hill and approach the building, you'll have to deal with four Fur Giants guarding a corpse. If you don't feel like taking the fight on, run inside the building, otherwise kill them and loot the body. The Giants won't follow you inside, so if you don't care about loot, prioritise your safety. Go to the corpse on the left-hand side of the building and take the Blood Stone Chunk, then go up the stairs and inside.

Head towards the room with the spiders in it, but don't start hitting them just yet. Instead, go up the stairs on your right to where a spider's hanging. Bring it down to earth with a ranged weapon, then fight it. Now go and kill the Bell Caller on the balcony over to your right, and take the Kin Coldblood from the corpse. Return to the previous room and take the Madman's Knowledge from the body, then turn all the way around and go over the bridge on your right.

How to clear out the spiders in Nightmare of Mensus

A pair of spiders will jump down onto the bridge, so run back to the last room and give yourself a bit more space to fight them. When the creatures are dead, go back towards the bridge and use Pebbles to knock the hanging spiders down. Again, go back to the last room and let them come to you to make the fight easier.

There should be one large spider left. Shoot it, then drop down and start attacking as you fall. You can now choose to either finish the fight down here, or just go back up-top again for another aerial assault. This enemy uses a lot of poison attacks, so if you're struggling to beat it, use the attack-from-above method.

When all of the enemies are dead, go up the stairs and look for the corpse with the Shaman Bone Blades on it. Carry on through the right-hand door and kill the Hunter to get three Sedatives. When he's dead, carry on down the hallway.

How to kill the Tiny Gents in Bloodborne

Take a left and then head around the corner until you come to a chest. Take the pair of Yellow Backbone items from inside, then go down the stairs in the centre of this area to where two Tiny Gents are waiting for you. Kill them as stealthily as possible, then take the Frenzied Coldblood from the corpse. Don't worry about the Tiny Gents further ahead, and instead head towards the lift further down the corridor by the corpse.

Head outside and then light the Mergo's Loft: Base lamp. Now go back up that lift, kill the Tiny Gents, then go downstairs to where a Lady Gent is. Wait until she attacks you, then stun her quickly with your gun and follow it up with a visceral attack. It's possible you'll have to do this twice in order to kill her.

Take the Madman's Knowledge from the corpse in front of you, then make your way over to the other side of the room. You'll have to fight a number of Gent creatures as you head along this route - try to sneak up and use Charge Attacks whenever possible. If you somehow manage to pull the lot of them, lure the Lady back so you can fight her alone, then head back in to deal with the rest. It takes a little longer this way, but it's by far the safest method of clearing the area.

How to handle the Crow Hounds

Once you're past all this lot, go around the pillar and take the pair of Lead Elixirs from the corpse. Now go into the lift nearby, before heading forwards into the next open area where a Crow Hound will appear. Kill this horrible creature, then go around the right-hand corner where a few more of these monsters await your arrival.

When everything's dead, go upstairs and deal with the Crow Hounds, then take the Blood Stone Chunk and the Kin Coldblood from the body below. Go back up and then look to the right to where another Crow Hound cage is. You need to roll into it to reach it, but if you can get to it there's a corpse containing Tempering Damp Blood Gem items.

Jump down, then head back up and look for a pair of lifts that are left of the next stairs. Go into the left-hand lift to make a handy short-cut back to the last lamp you lit. Head back up, then make your way upstairs.

Cross the bridge and kill the skeletons when they appear on the other side. Now walk through the door to start a new cut-scene which precedes the fight with Micolash, Host of the Nightmare.

- The next part of our walkthrough explains how to kill Micolash.

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